Frequently Asked Questions

1What are your rates?
We offer the best rates in the industry – only $75 per General evaluation, and Course by Course evaluations starting from $99. Translations are $24.99 per page for all languages, up to 250 words/page.
2How long does it take?

We start your order on receipt of payment, and your draft evaluation is due Next Business Day. Once you approve the draft for mailing, standard mailing takes one week for US delivery; two weeks for Canada.

3 What is a General evaluation?

A General academic evaluation consists of our analysis of your diploma, our assessment of the equivalent degree within the U.S. (or Canadian) school system, our certification as to our evaluation accuracy, and mailing to one address. Our General academic evaluation reports are usually about 4 pages long.

4What is a Course by Course evaluation?

Course by Course evaluations can be used for all purposes, and include the analysis of your diploma and transcripts/marksheets, our assessment of the equivalent academic level and GPA within the US (or Canadian) school system, calculation of your credits earned, our certification of evaluation accuracy, and mailing to one address. Course by Course evaluations are typically 7-10 pages long.

5What if I don’t like it?

If you don't like your draft evaluation, just cancel prior to mailing for a full refund (excluding rush fees).

6Why are your pricess so much less than your competitors?

We're very efficient with our document management process, so pass along our efficiency to you in the form of lower prices and faster delivery times. That's why we show you our competitors' prices - so you can see for yourself that we're ranked #1 in speed and #1 in price!

7Will a General evaluation be sufficent for me? After all, it’s cheaper!

It depends. Employers and immigration services may accept a General evaluation (even though it's less comprehensive). For continuing education we recommend a course by course evaluation. However, needs vary widely, so we always recommend you determine what’s needed before ordering.

8Do you translate documents too?

Yes, we can take care of your translation needs for only $24.99/page for all languages (up to 250 words/page). Translations usually take 1-3 days. Your translations will be certified, and are mailed with your evaluation.

9How do I get started?

Email a picture or scan of your documents here. We’ll send a quote back right away.

10Can I get it faster than Next Business Day?

Yes - we have same-day rush also. Just email us what you need and our chat team will quote you.

11Can i request corrections?

Absolutely! Just follow the direction in our email to provide any corrections or comments. We’ll send a revised draft within hours.

12Is my evaluation certified?

Yes, your evaluation will be certified with the evaluator stamp and signature – ideal for work, immigration or education purposes.

13Will my evaluation expire?

Your evaluation has no expiration date.

14What if I need a copy in future?
We keep a copy of the documents we prepare for you on file permanently. Just contact us for fresh copies.
15Will my course by course evaluation be accepted by USCIS or my employer?

Your Course by Course evaluation for immigration comes with our 100% Acceptance Guarantee for immigration, continuing education and employment purposes.

16Will my course by course evaluation be accepted by my school?

Your standard Course by Course evaluation comes with our 100% Acceptance Guarantee for continuing education and employment purposes.

17I ordered over a week ago - where is it?!

We're very fast, so if you haven't seen your draft document, chances are it's caught in your spam folder. If you don’t see anything there, just email us here and we’ll respond right away.

18Who is AcademicEvaluations.org?

We’re part of Validential Corp., nationally recognized experts and accredited in academic credential evaluation services. We've processed tens of thousands of documents to satisfied clients worldwide.

19Where are you located?

We’re based in California, and our customers are served throughout the US and Canada (and overseas too) via our site and email.

20Other questions?

Just email us here. We look forward to helping you!