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Academic Evaluation Services from $49

It's well known that education is an indicator of earning power, but what happens if you were educated overseas and then moved to the US (or Canada) - are your prior studies forgotten? Absolutely not! You can easily receive credit for your prior studies - whether for work (promotion or a new job), continuing education, or even for visa purposes. In order to do so, you will need to have your prior studies evaluated and certified to the US (or Canadian) equivalent. This process is called a 'foreign academic evaluation', and you can read all about it HERE. The process is surprisingly easy - you just need to email your academic documents to us, and your certification will be completed Next Business Day. is a leader in foreign academic evaluations. We will evaluate and certify your foreign academic achievements to U.S. educational standards Next Business Day. Your academic evaluation report will help institutions like schools, colleges, universities, employers, licensing boards or USCIS understand your educational background.

A report from will:

  • Identify the academic documents being evaluated
  • Include our statement of educational equivalency to U.S (or Canadian) standards
  • Include your Grade Point Average and credits (CBC only)
  • Provide information about the school and schooling system you previously attended
  • Describe our evaluation methodology
  • Be certified (with evaluator stamp and signature)
  • Be mailed in an 'evaluation sealed & stamped' envelope to the address you specify

The process to begin is simple - just email a picture/scan of your academic documents (graduation certificate and transcripts) HERE. We will reply promptly with your completed evaluation price. If you need your academic evaluation to be completed immediately, we can provide you with low-cost rush options. If your documents are not yet in English, we also provide fast, low cost certified translation services too!

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