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Academic Evaluation Services from $75 is a leader in degree evaluation services. We will evaluate your foreign degree to U.S. educational standards in 5 business days. Your degree evaluation will help institutions like schools, colleges, universities, employers, licensing boards or USCIS understand your educational background.

A degree evaluation from will:

  • Identify the academic documents being evaluated
  • Include our statement of educational equivalency to U.S (or Canadian) standards
  • Include your Grade Point Average and credits (course by course only)
  • Provide information about the school and schooling system you previously attended
  • Describe our evaluation methodology
  • Be notarized (with original notary stamp and signature)
  • Be mailed in a 'sealed & stamped' envelope to the address you specify

The degree evaluation process is simple - just email a picture/scan of your academic documents (graduation certificate and transcripts) here. We will reply promptly with your degree evaluation price. If you need your degree evaluation faster, we have low-cost rush options. If your documents are not yet in English, we also provide fast, low cost certified translation services too!

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